Clarification Statement 20230804



The following is an explanation of the recent mediareports, "Former Chairman Yang Zhi Hui stole Metatech's business secrets and joined Supercell Biotechnology Corporation" and " Metatech's core techn ology was transferred to China"

  1. Metatech has strict r egulations and systems in place to protect confidential information, which is why Metatech was able to discover that its former chairman had stolen company secrets and took the initiative to report the case to the judicial authorities for investigation.

  2. Metatech has not transferred its cartilage technology to China, nor did it violate the agreement with the Japanese company CellSeed to transfer the "autologous cell sheet technology". A lawsuit has been filed against the Mirror Media by Vice President A lex, for publishing the content.

  3. A lawsuit has been filed against several media for publishing inaccurate information and content in the past two months. If any media publishes inaccurate content in the future, a lawsuit will be filed.

  4. The National D evelopment Fund has clarified in the media reports that the trading price of Metatech's shares on the over the counter market is already higher than the cost per share of the National Development Fund, and that the country is actively investing in the biot echnology industry in the hope of promoting its development. In the future, National Development Fund will continue to supervise Metatech through the representatives of board of directors.

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