“MetaTech (AP) Inc.” was founded in 1998. Our management philosophy is “integrity, teamwork, challenge, and optimism” to create excellent business performance. In addition, we became officially listed at the over-the-counter market in Taiwan in June 2004. Currently, our paid-in capital is NT$682 million, and the scope of our business includes two main business groups, electronics business group and biomedicine business group.

  Over the past two decades, MetaTech focused on the business of electronic component agency. The product application includes industrial PC, server/ storage, network communication, power supply, and wireless communication products. Our headquarters is in New Taipei City, Taiwan. We also have subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore as well as branches or offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India. Our products are marketed all over Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia.

  In 2017, MetaTech transferred the technology of cell sheet culturing from Japan, and formally entered the area of regenerative medicine business. At present, MetaTech product “knee cartilage cell sheet” has been not only treating the highest number of patients in the world but also has 100% successful treatment. We also have signed a contract with National Health Research Institutes, and are looking forward to applying for the New Drugs Application based on the real world data and evidence.

  MetaTech self-developed technique “micro 3D structure cell sheet with high proliferative activity” (in short, M-Cell), which obtained two patents in Taiwan, and reward the 16th National Innovation Award “high-efficiency aggregated fibroblast”. This product was approved by Regulations of Special Medical Techniques to be used in three hospitals and four clinics to cure skin problems, including filling and repairing of wrinkles, pockmarks, and scars. We will aggressively expand the market of aesthetic medicine.

  M-Cell technique also applies in allogeneic cell therapies, including “allogeneic knee cartilage repair” and “treatment for kidney diseases and bladder dysfunctions”. Because of the outstanding performance of using M-Cell for skin defect treatments, we will apply for clinical trials in 2024 for each of above allogeneic cell therapy.

  After working hard for three years, MetaTech successfully passed the PIS/C GMP inspection by Ministry of Health and Welfare on August 14, 2023, and became the first regenerative medicine manufactory with certification of PIC/S GMP Pilot Plant. Moreover, MetaTech has started to accumulated production data from the past manufacturing experience into a database, and planned to work with academic and research institutions to develop AI algorithm, aiming to introduce the “brain” of smart manufacturing into the cell productions to overcome current issues such as scale up production and quality control. Making the cell therapies easy to reach.

  MetaTech takes the initiative to cooperate with Acer Group in new type development of the cell therapy. Through the AI technology, the dendritic cells that have treatment potentials is developed and is applied in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Furthermore, MetaTech also cooperates with academic and research institutions to locate the spot of articular cartilage defects precisely through AI algorithm and combined with our self-developed allogeneic cartilage technology to eliminate the inconvenience in surgery and its derivatives.

  We expect to accomplish the vision of “creating MetaTech as an electronic component company engaging in regenerative medicine” through the combination of AI and digital manufacturing!

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Date of establishment 1998-09-17
Date of listing 2004-06-03
Paid-in capital (NT)) 681,726,480
Stock code 3224
Unified Business No. 16657495
Chairman Fred Yang
General manager David Tang
Address 14F.-3, No.75, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 22101, Taiwan
Telephone number (02)2698-3466
Items of application
  • Electronics Components Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology Services