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Bluetooth Mesh-the mainstream of smart lighting in the future


The fierce competition environment of LED industry forces the LED companies to transform. The current smart lighting market is not mature yet, but has great prospects and added value. In Zhongshan closed to Shenzhen, a lot of LED manufacturers have looked for smart solutions.

The current smart lighting market has great prospects and added value, but it is not mature yet, especially the coexistence of many smart lighting control technology protocol has limited the development of smart lighting. Smart lighting originally uses WiFi and simple Bluetooth NC, and slowly transit to Bluetooth Mesh. SKYLAB's initial LED color control solution uses a simple low-power Bluetooth module, but this connection is limited, changing style is also limited. In order to meet customer’s requirements, we have developed a LED color control solution related to Bluetooth mesh.

Bluetooth Mesh has the advantages over other protocols.
Bluetooth Mesh is developed on the basis of low power consumption, and it has five advantages over other protocols. First, the biggest advantage is the standard configuration of smart phone, which can communicate directly with the smart terminal without gateway, and this can take full advantage of the advantages of human-computer interaction experience. Second, no gateway and low cost. Third, the Installation is very convenient, and the user experience is also particularly good. Fourth, the supporting capability of low power consumption is strong. Fifth, it has strong networking capabilities, and two-way group can be 250 nodes, and one-way group can be 1000 nodes. This can be done in wireless technology is not easy.

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