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Everspin establishes DDR3 and DDR4 compatibility with its Spin Torque MRAM and Xilinx’s UltraScale FPGA DRAM memory controller.

Chandler, AZ, March 8, 2017 — Everspin Technologies, Inc., as the leading provider of MRAM solutions, today announced compatibility for its Spin Torque MRAM memory and Xilinx’s UltraScale™ FPGAs. Everspin is providing its customers a software script that modifies the existing Xilinx Memory Interface Generator (MIG) DDR3 DRAM controller to make it compatible with its 256 Megabit DDR3 ST-MRAM memory that is available now and will do the same for the 1 Gigabit DDR4 ST-MRAM by June of this year.

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