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Micro, High Density, High Speed Razor Beam™ System

December 12, 2016 By 

Samtec Razor Beam™  products are micro pitch, high density, high speed interconnect systems.  Razor Beam products save space on the X, Y, and Z axes.  In other words they are very fine pitch, they have slim body designs, and they are low profile.


While Samtec Razor Beam interconnects are micro pitch – on 0.50, 0.635, and 0.80 mm pitch – they are rugged.  Mating contacts feature undercut retention notches that produce an audible click when the contacts engage. This also increases mating and unmating forces approximately four to six times greater than typical micro pitch interconnects.  Speaking of rugged, they also come with metal weld tabs to increase the mechanical strength of the part on the board.

The cost-effective blade-and-beam style contacts are also designed for high-speed, high-bandwidth applications.  For example,

  • the LSEM –DV series (0.80 mm pitch system) is rated at 26 Gpbs per contact, at a 10 mm stack
  • the LSS –DV (0.635 mm pitch system) is rated at 25 Gbps per contact, at a 9mm stack
  • the LSHM –DV (0.50 mm pitch system) is rated at 23 Gbps per contact, at a 5mm stack

These self-mating (hermaphroditic) systems reduce inventory costs and are available in a variety of pitches and lead styles for increased design flexibility.  They are available with up to 50 contacts per row, with optional shielding, and are available in vertical and right angle orientations.

And there are mating high-speed cable assemblies!  The HLCD Series is available in 0,50 mm pitch with 38 AWG coax cable. It features 50 ohm single-ended signal routing and a variety of options for increased design flexibility.


The LP stands for Low Profile.  Razor Beam –LP are ultra-low profile, ultra-fine pitch, two piece systems.  Connectors are available on 0.40 and 0.50 pitch, and stack heights are as low as 2.0 mm.  Razor Beam –LP is small but fast:

  • the SS4/ST4 system, on 0.40 mm pitch, at a 4 mm stack, is rated at 31 Gbps per contact
  • the SS5/ST5 system, on 0.50 mm pitch, at a 4mm stack, is rated at 34 Gpbs per contact

Here are some links to specific products, and a few others that pertain to the discussion: