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Aug.4.2016-【TaiwanCN/HKASEANThe NeThe New PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch

Posted onpan> August 2, 2016  The PB300 is a momentary pushbutton switch that is pcb mounted and has a long travel of 2mm.  You can choose between a single pole, single throw switch, or a single pole, double throw, double action switch. Its key feature is the double action of the double throw switch; you press mid-travel and it actuates, then continue pressing for another actuation at full travel. The actuation force of the first position is 600 grams, and the actuation of the next position is 1150 grams.

This pushbutton switch also offers a smooth tactile response.

These features allow the PB300 to be used across a wide variety of applications and operating conditions.

Specifications for the PB300 series pushbutton switch include:

Electrical Rating: 0.3A @ 28 VDC
Electrical Life: 20,000 Cycles
Contact Resistance: 50mΩ Max. Initial
Insulation Resistance: 10GΩ Min. @ 1000VDC
Dielectric Strength: 500VAC for 1 minute
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 95°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 95°C
Full Travel: 2.0mm
Contact Arrangement: SPST, SPDA
Actuation Force: ST: 490 grams;
DT 1st position: 600 grams; DT 2nd position: 1150 grams