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E-Switch New Training Materials Available Now

E-Switch offers electro-mechanical switches to meet industry requirements in numerous markets. Below, each application shows the most requested switch for that type of application. However, several switches may fit your requirements. Please view our entire line of switches to meet your needs or contact customer service at 800.867.2717 for further assistance. new-virtual-applications

E-Switch just launched two new virtual applications! A third one will be coming soon:


E-Switch has 3 new application brochures for the following markets:

  • Audio/Visual  E-Switch offers a wide range of switch products well suited for the audio/ visual market. Besides the typical on/off function, many audio/visual equipment and devices often utilize more than one type of switch. From tact, toggles, pushbuttons and rockers, selecting the right switch depends on the application requirements.
  • Medical & Dental E-Switch provides a robust line of switch products, from pushbuttons and tact switches, to rockers and toggles. Each switch family provides multiple features suitable for medical-related devices and equipment. Whether the application requires moisture-resistance, illumination, or an anodized finish, E-Switch is sure to have a switch meeting the necessary design specifications.
  • Industrial E-Switch provides a broad range of switches that withstand the rugged, harsh and high demand environments found in the industrial market where reliability is a key factor. Industrial equipment and devices vary from test & measurement tools, factory automation machines, safety or security systems, recreational and agricultural vehicles, and commercial equipment. More complex equipment and systems often utilize several types of switches on the operational control panels. From tact, toggles, pushbuttons and rockers, selecting the right switch depends on the application requirements.
Click on the links above to download the PDF.