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AIC launches new 3A USB Power Switch ¡V AIC6156


Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC), a leading provider of power management IC solution. AIC announces AIC6156, single channel 3A USB power switch with fast short-circuit protection response.
AIC6156 features adjustable and programmable 0.5A to 3.5A current-limit, 60mohm high-side MOSFET switch with lower voltage drop.
AIC6156 is an ideal solution for USB equipment, PC peripheral, TV, STB and portable systems.
AIC6156 is available in package of SOP-8 with exposed pad and SOT23-6, which provides very compact system solution with minimal external components and PCB area.

AIC6156 features:
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ 60mohm High-Side MOSFET Switch.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ 85uA Quiescent Supply Current.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ 1uA Maximum Shutdown Supply Current.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ 3.5V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Open-Drain Over-Current Flag Output.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Under-Voltage Lockout.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Thermal / Short Circuit Protection.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Fast Short Circuit Protection Response.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Adjustable Current Limit : 0.5A ~ 3.5A 
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Under Voltage Lockout Ensures that Switch is off at Start Up.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Soft Start prevents large Inrush Current.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Discharge function when shutdown active.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ No Reverse Current when Power off.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Enable Active-High or Active-Low Version.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ Available in SOP-8 Exposed Pad Package and SOT23-6 Package.
ƒÜƒÜ¡´ 2kV ESD Rating (Human Body Model)

For detail specs and quotes, please contact us at (02) 2791-9100 or visit our web site at