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Apr.7.2016-【TaiwanCN/HKASEANEverspin Spin Torque MRAM showcased as the first storage class memory at the OpenPOWER Summit.

 Chandler, AZ, April 7, 2016 Everspin Technologies today announced that IBM has demonstratedEverspin’s latest Spin Torque DDR3 MRAM in the ConTutto platform in a Power8 system. The demonstration showed show how Everspin’s DDR3 ST-MRAM operates as persistent memory, accelerating storage and server applications. ConTutto is an IBM research configurable platform for innovation in the memory subsystem of an OpenPOWER node. The DDR3 interface on theEverspin Spin Torque MRAM makes it easy for developers to take advantage of the write speed and persistence of MRAM. In his keynote address, Brad McCredie, Vice President and IBM Fellow, described this as the first functional demonstration of a storage class memory in an enterprise system.

“We are very excited that IBM has demonstrated the value of our ST-MRAM as a persistent memory in an actual enterprise environment,” said Scott Sewell, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Everspin Technologies. “This is further validation of the progress we have made in bringing a new class of memory to developers of enterprise storage and server systems.”

 Everspin recently joined the OpenPOWER Foundation as a silver member. Please visit theOpenPOWER Summit Pavilion from April 5-8, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center to see the IBM demonstration. To learn more about OpenPOWER Summit 2016 and the Pavilion hours please visit