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Latest news
News DateNews Tittle
2021/8/1Aug.01.2021-Delta襲擊南台灣 枋寮醫院獲贈負壓隔離艙落成
2020/5/1May.01.2020-三顧公司治理評鑑傳捷報 董事會結構與運作獲高分評價
2018/6/25June.25.2018-台杉董事長吳榮義 任三顧獨董
2018/4/4Apr.04.2018-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】TL4110 Series Tact Switch
2018/3/7Mar 7, 2018-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】The PB400 Pushbutton Switch – Low Power, Low Cost
2018/2/7Feb.7.2018-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch The TL6330 Series Tact Switch
2018/1/22Jan.22.2018-【ASEAN】Macronix NOR Flash Ultra Low Vcc Flash
2017/12/11Dec.11.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT92112/HT92122 Low Current OPA and HT92632/HT92652 High Precision OPA Series
2017/12/6Dec.06.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】The TL3265 Series Illuminated Tact Switch
2017/12/4Dec.4.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT45F0060 RGB Color LED Dimming Control MCU
2017/12/4Dec.4.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New BC3601 Sub-1GHz FSK/GFSK RF Transceiver IC
2017/11/29Nov.29.2017-【ASEAN】Four Macronix Technical Papers Selected for 2017 IEDM
2017/11/24Nov.24.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT45FH23A/HT45FH24A Smoke Detector MCUs with Power Line Transceiver
2017/11/15Nov.15.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New High Noise Immunity BS83B04C/08C/12C/16C Touch Flash MCUs
2017/11/14Nov.14.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New Arm® Cortex®-M3 Based 32-bit Advanced Flash MCU Series for Intelligent Applications
2017/11/8Nov.08.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT7K1201 and HT7K1211 1CH, 6V/0.8A and 7.5V/1.5A Motor Drivers
2017/11/7Nov.07.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT77xxB/HT77xxC/HT77xxBA Low Startup Voltage Step Up Converter/Controller
2017/11/2Nov..2.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-switch Product Matrix Catalog 2018
2017/9/15Sep.15.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK new HT68F001 Small Package Flash MCU
2017/9/14Sep.14.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Technologies ready to ship nvNITRO ST-MRAM SSDs
2017/9/13Sep.13.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Neue MRAM-Speicherklasse verhält sich wie nicht-flüchtiges DRAM
2017/9/13Sep.15.2017-【ASEAN】Holtek Semiconductor 2017 New Product Presentation Wireless and Intelligent Life Focus
2017/9/11Sep.11.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】The World's Attention Focuses on Drone
2017/9/11Sep.11.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Intelligent Household Time,Power & Water Saving
2017/9/11Sep.11.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Cooling Technology in vehicle
2017/9/5Sep.5.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】 AIC launches new 1A AOT control synchronous step-down DC/DC converter - AIC2258
2017/8/31Aug.31.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Mobile Commerce Entertainments to Go
2017/8/31Aug.31.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】White Goods-New Age on Frozen & Refrigeration!
2017/8/29Aug.29.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New BA45F0082/BA45FH0082 Fire Protection Application MCUs
2017/8/18Aug.18.2017-【ASEAN】Holtek’s HT66FW2230 achieves full WPC Qi V1.2.3 Certification
2017/8/17Aug.17.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK new BH66F2650/2660 Flash MCUs for eight-electrode AC Body Fat Scale Applications
2017/8/15Aug.15.2017-Seagate demonstrate an MRAM-powered high performance SSD boot drive
2017/8/9Aug.9.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New BC66F2430 Sub-1GHz RF Super-Regenerative OOK Receiver A/D SoC MCU​
2017/8/9Aug.9.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】The KS1100 Series Pushbutton Switch with Keyboard Functionality
2017/8/8Aug.8.2017-【ASEAN】Macronix Introduces New Ultra-High Performance OctaFlash Memory and Services to Power Instant-on Applications
2017/8/7Aug.7.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Announces Production Release of 1 and 2 Gigabyte nvNITRO NVMe SSDs
2017/8/7Aug.7.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Announces Sampling of the World’s First 1-Gigabit MRAM Product
2017/8/7Aug.7.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Demonstrates Breakthrough Technologies at FMS 2017
2017/7/13Jul.13.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin at Flash Memory Summit 2017
2017/7/7Jul.7.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT45F5Q-2 Battery Charger MCU
2017/6/14Jun.14.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch New Training Materials Available Now
2017/6/7Jun.7.2017-【TAIWAN、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Introduces New Die Version for 2Gb and 4Gb DDR3 and DDR3L SDRAMs; Provides New Memory Chip Source in Face of Market Shortages
2017/6/6Jun.6.2017-【ASEAN】MXIC e.MMC Memory
2017/6/5Jun.5.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】AIC launches new 3A USB Power Switch ¡V AIC6156
2017/5/31May.31.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Toshiba Bidding And Other Solid State Storage Developments
2017/5/17May.17.2017-【TAIWAN、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Launches New 32-Bit Wide 8Mb and 16Mb Fast SRAMs in 90-Ball TFBGA Package
2017/5/3May.3.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】The FS5700 Series Pushbutton Foot Switch for Foot Actuated Devices
2017/4/26Apr.26.2017-【TAIWAN、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Introduces New 1Gb High-Speed CMOS DDR SDRAM in 128M x 8 Configuration
2017/4/17Apr.17.2017-【CN/HK】Bluetooth Mesh-the mainstream of smart lighting in the future
2017/4/7Apr.7.2017-【SINGAPORE】Su-scon E-Catalog
2017/4/4Apr.4.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch Introduces the WS Series Sealed Snap Action Switch
2017/3/29Mar.29.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】New Alliance Memory 512Mb SDRAMs in 54-Pin TSOP II Package Provide Pin-for-Pin Replacements for Discontinued Micron Technology Devices
2017/3/17Mar.17.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch Sponsors University of Wisconsin Madison Hyperloop Team
2017/3/9Mar.9.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Announces nvNITRO™ NVMe Storage Accelerator Family
2017/3/8Mar.8.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Showcases Applications and Customer Products That Have Adopted MRAM at Embedded World 2017
2017/3/8Mar.8.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin MRAM Helps JAG’s Process Control Systems Boost Productivity of Production Processes
2017/3/8Mar.8.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Expands MRAM Ecosystem with Xilinx FPGAs
2017/2/27Feb.24.2017-【ASEAN】雨润有方 有方总部项目奠基仪式隆重举行!
2017/2/24Feb.24.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch Brochures and Collateral
2017/2/24Feb.24.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch Announces Sealed Virtual Solutions
2017/2/14Feb.14.2017-【ASEAN】Cirrus Logic MasterHIFI Audio DAC Brings Recording Studio Audio Quality to Mobile and Pro Audio Devices
2017/2/14Feb.14.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】MRAM Earns its Stripes in Hi-Rel Applications
2017/2/13Feb.13.2017-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】ASIX adds BLE module and BLE to Wi-Fi gateway solution to its IoT product portfolio
2016/12/12Dec.12.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK】Samtec Micro, High Density, High Speed Razor Beam™ System
2016/12/9Dec.09.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch Miniature Switch Solutions
2016/12/1Dec.01.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK】Samtec Releases New FMC+ Connector Set
2016/11/21Nov.21.2016-【ASEAN】Macronix QSPI Memory Selected by STMicroelectronics' New MCU for Smarter Things and Environment
2016/11/21Nov.21.2016-【ASEAN】Macronix Unveils New-Generation Low-Pin-Count OctaBus Memory Subsystem Solution for IoT and Automotive Electronics Markets
2016/11/21Nov.21.2016-【ASEAN】Macronix Reaches 100 Million Unit Milestone of Automotive Device Shipments
2016/11/9Nov.09.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】 Everspin Exhibiting MRAM Solutions at Electronica 2016
2016/11/9Nov.09.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Previews Upcoming Products at Electronica
2016/11/1Nov.01.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch’s Sealed Pushbutton RP8x00 Series Offer New High Actuator – No separate cap required
2016/11/1Nov.01.2016-【ASEAN】Macronix at electronica 2016
2016/11/1Nov.01.2016-【TAIWAN、ASEAN】Alliance Memory at electronica 2016
2016/11/1Nov.01.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Making Unforgettable MRAM Memory with OpenPOWER
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】高效小封裝電源IC助勢 網路攝影機設計吹迷你風
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch’s New Product Matrix Catalog
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch’s Wearables Brochure
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin’s ST-MRAM Technology to be deployed in GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX eMRAM Platform
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】GLOBALFOUNDRIES Launches Embedded MRAM on 22FDX® Platform
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】MRAM Is Becoming Mainstream Memory
2016/10/3Oct.3.2016-【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】GF Debuts 7nm, Embedded MRAM
2016/9/12Sep.12.2016-【TAIWAN】三顧股份有限公司參與公益贊助 栽培體壇明日之星
2016/9/10Sep.10.2016 -【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Technologies Demonstrates World's Fastest SSD with ST-MRAM
2016/8/10Aug.10.2016 -【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Aupera Reveals an MRAM-enabled M.2 Storage Module based on Everspin's newest 256Mb Perpendicular Spin Torque MRAM
2016/8/10Aug.10.2016 -【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin to show world's fastest SSD
2016/8/8Aug.8.2016 -【TAIWAN、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Readies Industry's First 256Mb Perpendicular Spin Torque MRAM forProduction and is Now Sampling Customers
2016/8/4Aug.4.2016 -【Taiwan、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Launches New Monolithic High-Speed, Low-Voltage 1G x 8 CMOS DDR3L SDRAM in 78-Ball FBGA Package
2016/8/4Aug.4.2016 -【Taiwan、CN/HK、ASEAN】E-Switch New PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch
2016/8/1Aug.1.2016 ─【CN】Metatech China New Product Line - Vectron
2016/6/23Jun.23.2016 -【Taiwan、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Launches New 256M High-Speed CMOS SDRAMs in the 86-Pin TSOP II Package
2016/6/9Jun.9.2016 -【Taiwan、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Selling Discontinued Micron Semiconductor Lead (Pb)-Bearing DDR, DDR2, and SDR SDRAMs
2016/5/25May.25.2016 -【Taiwan、ASEAN】Alliance Memory Launches New 8M Low-Power CMOS SRAM With 2.7-V to 3.6-V Power Supply in TSOP-I Package
2016/4/27Apr.27.2016 -【Taiwan、CN/HK、ASEAN】New non-volatile memory technologies poised to reshape system and application design
2016/4/20Apr.20.2016 -【Taiwan、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin's MRAM shoots for the NVM crown
2016/4/18Apr.18.2016 -【Taiwan、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Aims MRAM at SSD Storage Tiers
2016/4/13Apr.13.2016 -【Taiwan、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Releases Fastest And Most Reliable Non-Volatile Storage Class Memory
2016/4/7Apr.7.2016 -【Taiwan、CN/HK、ASEAN】Everspin Spin Torque MRAM showcased as the first storage class memory at the OpenPOWER Summit.
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