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About MetaTech\
MetaTech (AP) Inc. was founded in 1998. We always stick to the concept of our company management which consists of Integrity, Teamwork, Challenge and Optimistic, and we make a great business performance. Our company was officially listed in the OTC market in June 2004. Currently, our capital for the business is worth $580 million TWD, and we have two areas - electronics and biomedicine.The number of employees is 134.

Over about the past twenty years, we’ve focused on franchising electronic components, including industrial computers, servers/storage, accessories for personal computers, Nectom, power outlets and wireless communication products. The headquarters is located in New Taipei City with our subsidiary corporation in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, and branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Thailand, Philippines and India. Our offices are all over Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia.

In response to combine electronic technology and medical technology for the future development trends, we are actively introduced a professional biomedical team in August 2013, and hoped to effectively develop the biomedical pathway business which was based on the existing electronic technology field.

In April 2017, we had signed a contract with Japan CellSeed to develop a regenerative medicine project in Taiwan officially, introducing its esophagus and knee cartilage repair technology, in the same year, it also invested $ 100 million on the "Industrial Innovation Transformation Fund" which was set up by the government's National Development Fund. It is expected that the transfer of technology will accelerate the clinical trial schedule in Taiwan and help promote the development of medical care related to regenerative medicine.

With professionalism and honesty, we devote ourselves to creating outstanding products and providing a comprehensive service quality in order to develop our business sustainably.
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